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Picking The Seeds Of Inspiration

What is Mørklagt about? 

"Mørklagt is about the ambitious CEO Martin Blackwood and about how dark secrets from his childhood affect him in his professional life and, emotionally, in all of his personal relations as an adult. Sexually, he is dominant, in business his confidence is secretly failing behind his perfect facade despite the fact that his success is ever growing. Morally, he totally lets go. CIA is following his every move when he is invited to join an elitist and secret brotherhood, where human blood is being served up as energy drinks. In his desire to become so psychologically powerful that he can never be hurt again, he finds himself walking back into the darkness of the childhood he wishes to forget to, once and for all, face his inner demons. And, in reality, putting himself and everyone he knows at a greater risk for being even more hurt than ever before.

Mørklagt is a psychological drama taking place in an international world of business, where manipulation is on the menu of the day and human feelings are switched off in the pursuit of power."

 Why did you write Mørklagt?

"I write because I have an inner force that drives me to write. I cannot not write. Everything around me inspires me. Everywhere I look there is the seed of a story in people's eyes, hidden in the way they act or simply expressed in the way they breathe. I collect those seeds of inspiration and then write... Even the smallest impulses from my surroundings have the potential to become complete universes of characters, when I place myself in front of my computer and write. The text comes to me on its own. I don't hold any control over my writing, and I do not censor it along the way. Mørklagt was born out of a single sigh made by a 30 year-old CEO just a second before he walked on stage to be hailed for his success. That sigh was all it took: A sigh in alarming contrast to the bright lights of this young talent is what turned into Mørklagt." 

Who do you think will enjoy reading Mørklagt? 

"Hopefully everyone, who finds it intriguing to get behind the facade and peek into the psychology of some very driven business executives, who seek success at any cost. And readers who like to indulge themselves in a universe of complex sexual desires and abundant luxury beyond most people's everyday lives."


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