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Nordic Noir type of Judith Krantz

The universe of her books has been compared to the glamour of Judith Krantz, the darkness inside her complex characters to Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, and the homoerotic/bisexual preferences of her fictional high-powered business executives to the vampires of Anne Rice. This comparison is something that both astounds her and makes Linda Victoria feel very proud.

Why are you both surprised and proud of this comparison?

"I was deeply surprised when I read the comparison, because it nailed exactly who I am! As a young teenager, I dreamed my life away watching the mini-series based on Judith Krantz' novels. In my later teens, I read and reread the horrors of Bret Easton Ellis' American psycho and I took with me the curiosity to understand the coldness of the psychopath in a business suit. Something I have studied a lot ever since and something I have come across in real life as a headhunter in the top of the international business world. And also in my career as an elite match-maker as well, actually. It is scary, yet educational, to meet those monsters, who walk amongst us but are not at all like the rest of us. Furthermore, in my twenties and thirties, I read and watched Anne Rice's Interview with a vampire and was drawn into that world of androgyny and homoerotic realtionships, where power, life and death are closely linked. And I was fascinated by the blood-drinking as a source to life. Something I also have experienced in real life, not the drinking part, but the blood transfusions of an elder, who seemed to prolong life with new blood from donors every time his/her life seemed to draw to an end. This person kept getting blood transfusions and lived to become almost 106. I would call that person both a blood and energy vampire, because the person sucked life out of every human being in his/her surroundings. A psychopath, maybe, narcissist for sure, and a strong inspiration to my writing. 

So all in all, I feel that the description of my writing could not have been more spot-on as to who inspired the way I write!

And of course I feel proud to be compared to Judith Krantz, Bret Easton Ellis and Anne Rice! I would probably just add that when compared to Judith Krantz, it would be more accurate to add that I am more like a Nordic Noir type of Judith Krantz, due to the darkness in my books."

How would you describe your books in short?

That is easy. They can be broken down into the following main components:
Complex characters
Dark psychological plots
Strong characters dealing with disempowerment
Heroes and heroines exploring limit-pushing choices and opportunities
Complex sexual liaisons
The soul’s battle between good and evil
Listing the components is easy. Creating the plot and characters, luckily, also comes natural to me and I just write like I was in a trance. I never plan or analyse neither the plot nor the characters. I invite them in and they come to me and show me all of their imperfections, which make them so perfect. I love the creative process and love the receiving of the text. It is in the writing that I truly find my home in this world.

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