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A Look Inside The Writer's Heart

Headhunting top executives during the day and writing bestselling novels in the moonlight is how Linda Victoria has chosen to structure her time. This way she can also find the time to be a mom, wife and lover of nature and beauty.


 But how do you do it? You seem to have many more hours in the Day than the rest of us?


"I live in my own timezone. As the co-founder of a boutique executive search company, I headhunt and recruit top executives all over the world. In all timezones. As far places as China and Thailand and as near places as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. And every country in between. No geographical boundaries stop our clients from asking for our help, and no geographical boundaries stop us from finding the desired solution to every client. Part of the profession is also coaching international executives and on top of that I have had the great opportunity to help the rich and famous in their love lives, too! I was the Scandinavian office of one of the world's oldest and most renowned elite match-making firms, which had Hollywood stars in their clientele. I got the chance to help some high profile celebrities in both Denmark and around the world and get to know their deepest fears and dreams. These two professions, headhunting and hearthunting, has a lot in common, so it came very natural to me to do both simultaneously for a while. At one point, I chose to stop hearthunting, because the emotional dimension of the client relationship became too complex to handle. It is "easier" to help people find the right competencies in an executive candidate than the right emotional palet in a life partner. So I simplified my work life at that point.


The writing is something I have always been doing in my spare time. Weekends, holidays, late evenings reaching late into the night. Writing to me is like breathing. I can't not do it and I find natural moments to do it. I mix and match my Day to contain all of my choirs:

Firstly, being Mom and getting my daughter to school in the morning, headhunting or writing until around 3 pm. Then cosy mom-time with my daughter, making sure she gets my time and attention for about an hour. Then back to work until dinner-time. And back to work after dinner until around midnight. This is my schedule on a normal day, where I work from home. Before the pandemic I travelled insanely. I can't imagine I will ever get back to that level of travelling again! 


Besides writing, I established my own publishing house after leaving my original publisher upon the release of Rør Mig, which was the original title of Mørklagt. So, I also run all the aspects of a publishing business during the Day. Adding these tasks to my daily work, created a need to compile all tasks into work blocks and then mix and match these work blocks in a way that makes me happy. By this I mean that I make sure I create a work dynamic, where I arrange my projects and tasks, so my energy level is always boosted and I feel refreshed and not burned out. A little mix and match can do the magic! So when you say that I seem to have more hours in the Day, it is not so, I simply use them all and use them to my advantage to feel energised and happy! I even sleep sometimes, believe it or not!


The secret is to make a clean break with routines and old habits, both in what I do and how I think. I released all this energy to mix and match by quitting my job and starting my own company. Today, I have two companies and still feel I have a balanced life with time to both work and be with my family, enjoying my houses and gardens, of which I now have two! Moving back and forth between houses at a whim is also adding to the energy boost and helping me break any habit or routine. I genuinely do not distinct between working and taking time off, because I do both when I feel like it. I take a break, enjoy the garden, and return to one of my offices to continue my tasks, which all then feel like a joy, because I live the life of my dreams. When I do everything with joy and control my own shcedule, no time is ever wasted. That way the Day gets more effective working-hours. That might be the secret to getting this much done!


Another secret is setting the team! OMG, having the right members in your tribe and being able to trust their input and performance is key! I have learned this the hard way and the only worries I have ever had, ever since I quit my job and started my own, is the worries when members of my team did not perform. I, of course, depend on results. My own and the results of my team members. When you find the right team members, show and tell them that you value their efforts! And don't wait too long to let go of underperformers. They will suck up all the positive energy and make you miserable!

All in all, following the energy, where it feels invigorating, is the best advice I can give anyone, who wants to get the most out of their Day! It might be what the old saying is all about: Follow you heart!"








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